Jasmine Essential Oil

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sweet, exotic and richly floral smell
for easing nervousness, soothing coughs,
promoting relaxation and easing tension


Jasmine essential oil is a powerful floral fragrance.
this sums it up.

Adorned by perfume makers, its scent, very pleasant and persistent, allows in diffusion a moment of well-being and appeasement.
Its beautiful perfume is known in cosmetics for its benefits on the skin.
Jasmin essential oil can be used pure as a perfume.

It has dermatological properties, in addition to its smell, give other good reasons to use it.

Jasmine essential oil is obtained by distillation of jasmine flowers. The enormous quantity of flowers required to produce a little essential oil bottle makes it possible to understand its price.

Sleep and Energy
Help with positives
Help to find sleep

by diffusion: A few drops in an electric diffuser to perfume the house (no more than 5 to 10 min per hour)

for beauty: 1 drop on the neck area as a perfume.
for bath: 2 drops in 10ml of any natural oil to pour in the bathtub for a moment of well-being.
for massages: 2 drops in 10ml of any natural oil in massage to relax.

Ways to take
Ingestion: no
Dermal route: yes
Dissemination: yes
Dry Inhalation: Yes
Technical notes

Botanical Name: Jasmin Grandiflorum
Part of plant: Flower and plant
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Chemical composition: Benzyl acetate, benzyl benzoate phytol, linolol
Origin: Morocco
Culture: Conventional
Color: Brown

Storage: Protect from light.
Synergy with the following oils: Rosewood, Bergamot, Lavender


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