Coconut Natural Oil




Coconut natural oil is known to be very moisturizing and soothing. It is soft and fresh. its natural fragrance leaves on the skin a pleasant sensation of sun. Coconut natural oil can be used as make-up remover, shaving foam or hair care for shine and vigor.

Coconut natural oil is a refreshing treatment that provides flexibility and well-being to your skin
Coconut natural oil softens, protects and sublimes your skin.
It is an extremely refreshing treatment that provides a feeling of intense comfort.
Your skin regains flexibility and well-being.
Being rich in fatty acids, this dry oil gets easily absorbed by the skin and hair.
Coconut natural oil smoothes your skin and brings shine to your hair.
Contains Vitamins A, E, & has antioxidant properties.
Coconut natural oil possesses antibacterial properties.
It is an effective cleaner because of its sweet and fragrant flavor.
Coconut natural oil is a great care for all skin types.
Coconut oil solidifies at a temperature below 25°C. To use during winter months, pass the bottle under hot water for a minute or two.
Apply to the dry areas of the face and body, on your hair.

Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

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