Woodworm Essential Oil

Relieves period pain

and stomach aches


Woodworm is a plant from the Asteraceae family, a native of Australia. Woodworm essential oil relieves painful periods and stomach aches.

technical sheet:

Botanical name: Artemisia vulgaris
Distilled parts: Stems and leaves
Obtain: Cold pressure
Main properties:
• Anti-fungal
• Anti-parasitic
• Aperitif
• Carminative
• Hematogenic (regulation of periods, painful periods)
• Disinfectant
• Febrifuge
• Diuretic
• Spasmolytic
• Tranquilizer facilitates sleep and concentration
• Stomachic
• Digestive
• Vermifuge
• Sudorific
• Emménagogue
• Anti-fertility
• Repels flies and mosquitoes

Odor: Camphoric
Color: pale yellow
Appearance: Fluid
Note: Base
Sign: Scorpio
Element: Earth
Planet Mars

precautions for use:
Woodworm essential oil should not be ingested. It is only for external use. It must be diluted in vegetable oil, argan oil, for example. It contains a large amount of thujone and should be used with caution.
It is prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women. People with epilepsy should not use it.

Woodworm essential oil blooms from July to October. Its flowers have a strong odor, even unpleasant. The Egyptians were already using it to treat menstrual problems and fevers.

Main biochemical constituents:
• 1.8 cineole
• Camphor
• Beta-caryophyllene
• Borneol
• Bornyl acetate,
• Linalool
• Alpha thujone
• Germacrene D
• Camphene

Additional information

Weight50 g
Dimensions3 × 3 × 7 cm


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