Rose Essential Oil

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harmony & stimulation
boosts confidence & fights depression


The essential oil of Rose has a soft and intense scent, and known to be the queen of all essential oils!
In diffusion, it offers a delicate and flowery atmosphere.

Rose essential oil a rare, rich oil because of its intense and persistent perfume.

Suitable for all skin types it can be used in perfume, a drop is enough! It remains an oil that promotes well-being and tranquility.

For Skin:
Anti-aging skin

Sleep and Energy:
Anti stress
Promotes women’s libido

Examples of uses:
Diffusion: 2 drops in a diffuser to perfume the living room

Other uses:
Beauty: 1 drop in a day cream for a scented anti-wrinkle treatment!
Massage: 2 drops in massage on the thorax to relax.

How to use it:
Ingestion: no
Dermal route: yes
Dissemination: yes
Dry Inhalation: Yes

Technical notes:
Botanical Name: Rosa
Part of the plant: Flower
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Chemical composition: Citronnellol, Geraniol, Neroli
Origin: Morocco
Culture: Conventional
Yellow color

Keep away from light.


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