Orange Blossoms, Neroli Essential Oil

Excellent antidepressant
Therapeutic properties
Anti-infectious, sedative
Tonic and antiseptic

…the smell of happiness.


The essential oil of orange blossom is steam distilled from orange blossoms. Orange blossom oil is also called Neroli oil.
Orange blossom oil is known to possess great therapeutic properties and is widely used for medicinal purposes. It has a very fresh, sweet, citric, exotic aroma that is truly amazing. Orange blossom oil is also used because of its antibacterial properties, and calming and sensual effects. The floral and spicy fragrance of orange blossom oil makes it an attractive ingredient in bath oils, skin creams and perfume.
Orange blossom oil provides a very relaxing and soothing effect on the body, relieving muscle pain. It calms the palpitation of the heart. Taking a body massage using orange blossom oil is a true experience of well-being and delight. It does wonders on the skin, restoring the glow and charm. It is extremely effective in preventing the skin from being the victim of ugly scars and stretch marks. Orange blossom oil helps to preserve moisture and has a smoothing effect on the skin.
Orange tree essential oil is an excellent antidepressant, which is also known for its anti-infectious, sedative, tonic and antiseptic therapeutic properties. It adds spark to your love life, and fights chronic anxiety, fear, shock and stress, and tamed anger. Some recommend orange flower oil as a natural antidepressant and can promote feelings of happiness.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 cm


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